RS2: the mv Mi Amigo

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Early november 2008, just four months after the first miniature, I introduced number two.

As always the miniature started life as a piece of clay, that finally looked like this:

RAB 0642



En als ik dan een partijtje bestellingen heb klaargemaakt voor verzending, waar ook nog een lief uurtje mee heengaat, vind ik het nog steeds erg leuk om zo’n ‘vloot’ te zien liggen.

Ook RS2 heeft fans in het buitenland. Er zijn exemplaren verzonden naar België, Engeland, Afrika en de Verenigde Staten!
The mast you have to install ypurself. 


De grote mast moet je overigens zelf op zijn plaats zetten. (Gebruik daarvoor twee komponentenlijm of superlijm. Ga niet solderen tenzij je heel goed weet wat je doet! Tin smelt plotseling en erg snel.) Als ik ‘m zou plaatsen, past het miniatuur niet meer in het doosje en wordt het geen ‘bus-stuk’ maar een ‘pakje’, wat qua porto veel duurder is.


RS 1, the Norderney

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The first miniature mad, in the summer of 2008, is bought by fans in the U.S., Great Britain, Belgium, Germany and of course the Netherlands.
I introduced the miniature on the evening of july third when the site went up. RS1 was not the first model I had made of Radio Veronica's vessel; not long after that horrible august 31st 1974 I had made a wooden Norderney. That one was about one foot long.
I had given the project some thought before I really started. What scale should I use? What materials were possible? I ended up with a scale of 1:400. Most fans are male and I thought they would want to place their miniature on a shelve with books or cd's or lp's. And their wives must not get mad while cleaning the house, so the ships shouldn't be too large. Also I thought that making the miniatures bigger would require to fit them with airials and cables and that would make them much more expensive. And of course there also was the matter of P&P...
So 1:400 it was!
The 50h anniversary of Veronica was reason for a special day in the building that once housed the studios. It's a luxury hotel, nowadays.
I made two special versions of my Norderney miniature for the men behind Stichting Norderney: Ad Bouman and Juul Geleick, former technicians of Veronica. Since a few years their Stichting Norderney provides a webstream of historic recordings, organises 'days' and publishes the official account of the history of the legendary radiostation.
RAB 1169
Here I am, presenting Ad and Juul with their miniature:
DSC 8312 DSC 8313
Late 2012 the Norderney returned to the Netherlands, to be equipped as a multi purpose 'stage' in Amsterdam. I had the opportunity to take this special photograph:
Norderney en RS1 en logo