RS4: the REM-eiland

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August 15th 1964. That was the day TV Northsea started it's regular broadcasts. Just four months later the Dutch navy entered the platform and silenced the radio an tv station. Which only proves that governments càn work quickly, only if they want to do so...


This miniature is in scale 1:800, otherwise it would be far too expensive, and P&P would be more expensive also.


The miniature comes in three parts that you can attach to each other with super glue or two components glue.


If you are one of the lucky few that can see stereo images simply by placing a piece of cardboard between the images, go ahead:...

3d rem eiland miniatuur


In case you didn't know it already: the REM island nowadays is a succesfull restaurant in Amsterdam harbour.


And to make it even better: on november 17 2013 the ex Radio Veronica vessel Norderney anchored on the other side of the water, in few of the REM island.

I took the very first picture of the Norderney seen from the REM island ever, when the ship was towed to its place: